Click the ball then press the arrows to move the ball to the end as fast as you can, try get yourself on the Leaderboard!


Hi, I grew up in Sully, Vale of Glamorgan and I am currently studying Computer Science at Cardiff University, which is 4 year course (with a year in industry). In my spare time I create games and websites so if you are in need of a website or a game dont hesitate to get in touch. I learnt how to create this game by watching Flash Action Script 2.0. tutorials on Youtube, I hope to increase my knowledge in flash and maybe start using action script 2.0. The name Platformers came from the original word 'Platform' as it is a platform game. I was brainstorming and then Platformers came to my head, I then typed that name into wikipedia and it stands for platform games so I decided to call my website 'Platformers'. You can findout more information about me or other websites I have created by visiting Hope to hear from you soon!

This game was created in Flash CS5 Action Script 2.0. In the future I plan to develop more games and websites, for more information or if you have any ideas please
Contact Me.